Crystallisation Construct Designer 2

(version 2.1) Tested with Firefox and Chrome


Frontend developed by George Damaskos
Backend developed by George Damaskos and Andrea Murachelli
Special thanks to Wouter Touw
Anastassis Perrakis Group
Funding by West Life Project


Citing CCD

If you found CCD useful for your research, we would be obliged if you could cite the following publication:

ProteinCCD: enabling the design of protein truncation constructs for expression and crystallization experiments Wijnand T. M. Mooij, Eirini Mitsiki and Anastassis Perrakis Nucl. Acids Res. (2009) 37 (suppl 2): W402-W405.
DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkp256

Prediction servers

HNN (Guermeur, 1997)
MLR (Guermeur et al., 1999)
DPM (Deléage and Roux, 1987)
PREDATOR (Frishman and Argos, 1996)
IUPRED (Zsuzsanna Dosztányi et al., 2005)
SMART (Letunic I et al., 2005)
GLOBPLOT (Rune Linding et al., 2003)
COILS (Lupas, A. et al., 1991)
SECRET (Pawel Smialowski, Thorsten Schmidt, Jürgen Cox, Andreas Kirschner, Dmitrij Frishman Will my protein crystallize? A sequence-based predictor. 28 November 2005)
PROSO II (Pawel Smialowski, Gero Doose, Phillipp Torkler, Stefanie Kaufmann, Dmitrij Frishman PROSO II – a new method for protein solubility prediction. 21 May 2012)
RPSP (R.G. Harrison et al., 2000)